Prof. Antonio Luque Lopez

Solarworld Einstein Award Recipient 2008

Solar prize awarded: Prof. Antonio Luque Lopez

Professor Antonio Luque Lopez of the Institute for Solar Energy at Madrid University is the winner of the SolarWorld Senior Einstein Award 2008. The 67-year-old Spaniard is among the leading international pioneers in photovoltaic technology and has rendered great services to the development of new concepts for solar cells. Thus, Antonio Luque Lopez started developing the double-sided solar cell in 1976 that can, for example, convert light reflected from the ground into electrical energy. The scientist who is currently among other things coordinating a Europe-wide research project for new solar cell concepts has received numerous awards including the Becquerel Prize awarded by the European Union. In addition, he is a member of the Academia de la IngenierĂ­a de Espa?a and has seats on many scientific advisory boards of research institutes, scientific journals and organizations. As Head of the Institute for Solar Energy at Madrid University Antonio Luque Lopez has also made a major contribution since 1979 to the development of young generation scientists. In his opinion solar energy is the most promising technology of the future. In contrast to other technologies that are based on the level of knowledge of the 19th century solar energy is based on the science of the 21st century. And it can be expected that photovoltaic obtains high output by using solar energy which will lead to decreasing energy prizes.